Documentation intern

Job descriptions

This role is key to the successful delivery of our activities. The work includes collecting and managing all media-related information in structured cloud storage. The information contains minutes of meetings, discussions from various YAYA Europe meetings that are beneficial to the media team. Follow up with every role leads to get information about their progress and provide valuable information to the team lead and member whenever needed.

What we expect from you.

  • Passion for working for God
  • Willingness to learn whenever needed to perform well in the role.
  • Can commit a minimum of 10 hours a week.
  • Team player and willingness to work with other people.
  • Desire to lead and be led at the same time. There will be times when you are required to take the lead and additional time when you will be told to do some tasks. These are important to perform well in the role.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Write the minutes in the meetings. 
  • Collecting all the information needed for other media teams leads to perform well. These include poster data, events, info, and other vital activities.
  • Analyze and store all the information so that everyone can access them whenever needed.

What we offer

We offer training materials for whoever is interested in joining the team.