Our Work

Our activities are hinged on the Goals 8 (Good jobs and Economic Growth), 10 ( Reduced Inequalities) and 16 (Peace and Justice) of the Sustainable Development Goals.


While our primary targets are youths, we carry out our development activities under the following project brands:


iConnect: This is an annual intensive 4-day workshop that is tailored to building leadership and other essential skills among youths. The iConnect project is a platform that also brings over 300 youths together annually from various EU member states in one country to build their capacity and make vital connections.


iLead: This platform offers migrant youths in our various chapters across Europe the chance to develop their skills and potentials through strategic mentoring.


iVolunteer: To give youths the opportunity to develop their employability skills or business acumen, this platform was created to link youths with volunteering opportunities within different organizations across various sectors.



Where we are:

We are actively present in over 20 EU Countries. Please, find below a list of countries where we have local chapters our organization.


Success Stories:


  • List names/ pictures of attendees of any of our programs at the country level or the youth camp showing their feedback



We are a dynamic and mulficated organization. We work with various partners who share our values and believe in our cause. Some of our partners come from the private, religious and non-governmental sector.



France Past Projects

February 2018 – Full day Entrepreneurship training for Youth Migrants from over 5 Cities

Location: Paris, France

Partnering Organization: Friends of Nigeria, Europe

Next Project

10 Days Business Workshop

  • Train 20 youths on how to set up a business in France
  • Assist in writing business proposal plans
  • Get legal and accounting consultants to support set-up of a business idea
  • Fundraising strategy development



  • Create or support at least 3 business ventures by the end of the training
  • Ensure at the end of the training that all participants have a workable business plan using an assigned business template



Total Facilitators

Hourly rate: 200 Euros

Daily cost (8 hours): 1600 Euros

10 days: 16,000 Euros


Workshop materials: 2000

Training Venue (1,000 per day): 10,000

Refreshments: 10,000

Publicity: 2,000

Startup Financial Support for 3 businesses: 60,000

Total:100,000 Euros